Draft: Suggestions for consent before LLLT

Here are some suggestions to help you develop your patient informed consent form

Photobiomodulation is low intensity laser treatment that has been shown to reduce inflammation, improve healing and reduce pain from back and neck pain, from sports injuries, after surgery and after radiotherapy treatments.

This low intensity laser light is applied to injuries for one minute per treatment site. Multiple sites may need treatment so treatment time can take several minutes.

You will hear a beep when the machine is switched on and occasionally some people feel a warm or tingling sensation

The laser machine is approved use by the United States, Heath Canada, UK, European Union and Australia.

We do not treat over tumours, or the eyes or or directly over the womb of a pregnant mother.

You will be asked to wear specially safety glasses. This is an extra precaution to keep your eyes safe and make sure you cannot see if you are getting the active or sham laser therapy. You must wear them for the entire time the laser therapy machine is switched on. The person giving you the treatment will be also wearing safety glasses.

There are no reported significant side effects. Occasionally pain might feel slightly worse for a few hours after treatment.

  • Do you understand that this is a laser and light therapy treatment intended to stimulate healing and relieve pain?
  • The treatment should not be painful and you should feel no significant heat, but you might feel a pleasant warmth.
  • Are you pregnant?
  • Are you epileptic?
  • Do you have any known carcinoma?
  • Are you photosensitive or taking any photosensitising drugs ?
  • Warn patients they may have temporary aggravated symptoms after LLLT

What else ?
Please add your comments and suggestions below


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2 Responses to Draft: Suggestions for consent before LLLT

  1. Nick vero says:

    Had a great time sat in ny
    As I said you have changed the way I practice dentistry and love it
    Suggestion for release :
    Are you aware of what LLLT/PBMstands for and what disease process we will be treating you for ?
    Thanks again !

  2. Hi nick, thanks for the generous and humbling feedback and the suggestion

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