NICE to see you

The good news is I received an invite from NICE to go see them.

NICE are the UK’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. Their guidance helps British health professionals deliver the optimal care based on the best available evidence. It seems they like what we do and want me go show them LLLT. Watch this space.  8-)

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7 Responses to NICE to see you

  1. Dr Paul Ziemer says:

    Hi James

    Good job! I have been battling the Class 4 sales guys all year. I have also been focusing on educating the Nursing population about light therapy and laser. I believe they are the next best market segment for this industry. I never see or hear of you guys here in Canada. If I can help with that let me know.
    Happy Holidays

  2. Deborah Rennie says:

    Fantastic news James, NICE guidance approval = evidence based guidance for UK users which hopefully means those who are “siiting on the fence (many healthcare professionals!)” as to whether there is any benefit of using the LLLT may actually be motivated to offer this approach.

  3. Jane Wigg says:

    This is excellent news, Well done James. We are so desperate for LLLT to become mainstream for lymphoedema management. It makes such a difference and is so hard to get CCG’s and governance to accept it. This will make such a difference to the people that matter- those it works for. Jane

  4. Ms Jo Murphy says:

    I really appreciated your comments about Class IV versus Class 3B. I have found my Class B (LED and Laser probe) extremely effective, with caution needed as to application times. More is not necessarily better, and my best testing ground is my own myofascial pain! Also, and rarely mentioned,….After prolonged pain (spine misalignment) the drop in pain level, and very marked lift in mood, is evident. Thanks for the regular updates…sincerely, Jo M. (NZ) MA (Hons), Cert. Rehab. Studs.

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