Multiview, Inc sucks

As a favour to the world, I suggest you do not use the services of Multiview, Inc

We spent $18,000 for 1.3 million junk impressions on our advert banners for a period of one year.

We didn’t get any direct enquires from the 922 people who clicked on our banners.

The only thing their reports showed was that 34 people (out of 1 million) who had viewed the banners at some point, made an enquiry via our other forms of online promotion. None of those 34 people had actually clicked on any Multiview banner. (So all junk impressions as it happens)

They failed because they did not follow our instructions regarding phrases and negative keywords so they completely missed our target audience.

Further they were unhelpful in resolving the problem and unwilling to refund.

They wouldn’t even cancel the campaigns after a several months of explaining the impressions were showing to the wrong audience.

We had to continue paying the full year even though at that stage we knew it was not going to get any better.

They are either world class idiots or scammers.